Ensuring a smooth production process –
from preproduction to final frames.


VFX/Animation Producing

management and organization of Vfx/Animations, including:
  • vfx and animation script breakdowns
  • vfx/animation budgeting
  • vfx/animation schedule planning
  • communication & coordination between producers, directors, vfx- and other relevant departments
  • casting and evaluating of potential vendors
  • creating bidding guidelines and follow up to ensure reliable bids
  • negotiations and vendor contract support
  • vfx/animation funding application, national and international
  • production management and budget control
  • resource planning
  • definition of workflows, approval processes and work splits
  • definition and coordination of delivery specifications
  • turnovers in accordance with delivery specifications and editorial

VFX/Animation Supervising

creative and technical leadership of VFX/Animations, including:
  • vfx and animation script breakdowns
  • vfx/animation bidding
  • advise and development of creative and technical vfx shot solutions
  • development of workflow approaches
  • bringing creative and visual coherence to the visual effects
  • support in the directors and DoPs shot designs and advice on the techniques to be used and how each shot is to be accomplished
  • leading of vfx/animation/vp preproduction, e.g. virtual visualisations, previs, techvis, postvis, etc
  • communication and advise to production, director, producers and relevant departments
  • review and evaluation of vfx work as well as guiding of vendors during postproduction review
  • on-set vfx supervising, including advice and problem solving on set as well as supervising the data collection during the shoot for later processing
  • depending on the production size, the on-set vfx supervising can also include 2nd unit directing or motion capture supervising